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Fraud Strategy | The fraudsters are getting smarter

Fraudsters are getting smarter.

And so should you.

Get help from a top-notch online fraud prevention consultant.


The industry is offering you tools but, ultimately, fraud remains your headache. I can help. 

"Noam's input was the basis for a new strategic direction and organization."
Mikel Otaegi
Dealing with fraud?
I can analyze the current state of your fraud prevention and help you
up your game.
Planning for growth?
I'll identify potential threats and help you prepare your people, methods and tools.
Buying or building?
I've been product-managing fraud technology for years. I'll help you
do it right.


Noam Naveh | Fraud Strategy
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My name is Noam Naveh. I'm an identity and payment fraud prevention consultant with more than 16 years experience in tackling fraudsters online and on mobile.


I've helped organizations like eBay, Intuit, StubHub, Upwork and Deutsche Telekom HBS deal with the operational, technological and organizational aspects of fraud risk management. 


Prior to consulting, I spent four years at PayPal's Risk Management department, working on technology infrastructure, statistical modeling, real-time decisioning, and data sources. 


Before PayPal, I was the chief analyst of Fraud Sciences, in charge of hiring, training and running a team of highly skilled fraud analysts who made decisions on live transactions and engaged in fraud research. The analytic methodology that I oversaw was later translated into a best-of-breed automatic fraud prevention system, which led to the company being acquired by PayPal. 


My expertise applies to online merchants, payment services, marketplaces, financial organizations, e/mCommerce platforms, and any organization faced with online or mobile fraudulent activity.



StubHub's Trust & Safety group engaged Noam for his expertise in the fraud prevention area. He analyzed our situation and provided a series of recommendations that were crafted after a meticulous analysis of the data. His input was the basis for a new strategic direction and organization.

Mikel Otaegi

Trust & Safety


Noam has a strong grasp of both the business and technical aspects of fraud detection. He has an excellent understanding of the data elements that can help detect fraudulent online activity... Noam has a great work ethic and always provided his deliverables ahead of schedule with close attention to detail.

Liz Maida

Sr. Director, Product

Akamai Technologies

Mr. Naveh was instrumental in formulating our anti-fraud strategy. He helped us navigate the bewildering range of risks by identifying the most critical ones and assisted us in evaluating technology vendors.

Noam Livnat

VP, Customer Experience

Deutsche Telekom HBS

Noam has provided expertise and advice as we have scaled our business and increased the need for a global fraud system. His understanding of both fraud and management skills have been a helpful asset during the interview process as we built out the team.

Melissa O'Keefe

Global Head Customer Support


Getting fraud technology right

I've participated in developing cutting edge technology that detects fraudulent activity, including rules, statistical models, algorithms, data sources and the infrastructure that is required in order to put all of these components to work. I can ensure that your product management process best addresses fraud prevention requirements.

Planning for growth


As your business is preparing to go into new markets, launch new products or go live for the first time, you need to be aware of the fraud threats that await and plan accordingly. Choosing the right strategy in advance enables you to be proactive and ready.


I can help you hire great talent, acquire the tools they need, and establish effective procedures to manage your fraud risks. 

Analyzing your current fraud prevention


By taking a close look at the current state of your fraud prevention, I will be able to identify gaps, explain them, and help you plan how to address them properly.


Such a review could apply to your systems and tools, procedures, fraud analysts, and most importantly, transactions. By looking at real transactions and actual data it is possible to find root causes, rather than symptoms, and make sure that solutions will apply to the real issues at hand.





Email  :

Skype :  noam.naveh
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Thanks! I'll be in touch soon.

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